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Where You Go!

The Mavic Pro Platinum features a sleek design and
compact body that is both powerful and alluring. A new
and improved 30-minute flight time coupled with 60%
noise power reduction makes the Mavic Pro Platinum DJI’s
best portable drone yet.

Enhanced Endurance, Quieter Flight

Aircraft noise has been reduced by up to 4dB* (60% noise power) and extended flight time to 30 minutes with new FOC sinusoidal driver ESCs and 8331 propellers for a quieter, more enjoyable flight experience.

Noise Reduction

Max Flight Time

Two Sets Of Sensors.

When you know what’s in front of you, you won’t bump into it. The same is true of the Mavic. Using FlightAutonomy it can see obstacles as far away as 49ft (15m) in front, so that it can fly at up to 22mph (36kph) while avoiding the things it sees.

Level Headed.

Stay at the same level height above the ground automatically. Don’t worry about flying too low, the Mavic will keep you at just the right height over uneven terrain.

Safer, Smarter Batteries.

The Mavic’s Intelligent Flight Batteries give it a flight time of up to 27 minutes, allowing you to check battery level and status in real-time during a flight through the DJI GO 4 app. It also calculates remaining flight time, helping pilots fly more safely.

Enhanced Endurance,
Quieter Flight.

Fligh Time 27 mins
Gimbal 3-axis
Speed 65 km/h
Control range 7 km
Video resolution 4K
Camera resolution 12 MP


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